4 Tips for Making Your Professional Seminar More Memorable

13 February 2015
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A professional seminar or conference can be very useful but can also be a bit bland and boring. Rarely do your coworkers or anyone else want to sit through long discourses about your sales figures or corporate goals for the new year, and it can be difficult to have participants even remember what was presented much less enjoy being there. If you want to make your professional seminars more effective and more memorable, consider a few simple tips.

1. Ensure you have proper audio systems in place

Someone who attends a corporate seminar will not remember what was said it if they struggle to hear and follow along, which is why the right audio equipment will be needed. For a larger crowd, you cannot rely on a podium with a speaker attached to the stand as this sound will not reach the back of the auditorium. Ask a rental agency about the right equipment for the size of the space and do a sound check before you begin the seminar so you know everyone will be able to hear and focus on what is being said. (For more information, contact Fordtronic Video & Sound Pty Ltd)

2. Use graphics and visuals

With so many computer programs available that tie graphics and visuals into overhead projectors and other ways of showcasing them, there really is no reason to avoid using them. Graphics are needed to bring home the points you want the audience to remember and they can hold their attention more than just the spoken word.

3. Make presentations short and to the point

What are the real points you want to get across to your audience? This is all that your presentation should include and nothing more. If you or speakers tend to go off on tangents or fill their time with pointless anecdotes, the audience will get distracted or bored and the points you want them to remember will be lost.

4. Involve the audience

Ask questions, ask for assistants, ask for others to demonstrate certain points in the presentation. You can do this easily if you use a roving microphone with your audio equipment; have a volunteer or two hold portable microphones and walk up and down the aisles with them so you can call on people in the audience and get them to participate. This is a great way to ensure that everyone is following what you're saying and to judge your own effectiveness. It also breaks up your presentation so it's easier to follow.