3 Considerations of Using Video Camera Hire for Online Courses

2 October 2015
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As an online instructor, you likely have found that lecture notes are not enough. Having an online lecture series available may be more ideal and fitting for your students. The problem is, you may not want to purchase a camera specifically for the short amount of time it would take to record a lecture series. This leaves you with the option of using a video camera hire. Here are a few considerations to take into account if you choose to use this route for recording your class lecture series.

HD Capable

One of the first things you need to look for is a video camera that is HD capable. This is to ensure that your videos are as clear as possible. This is especially important for two reasons. One, you want to make sure the video quality is high enough so the lecture doesn't become outdated visually too quickly. Ideally, if the course is the same material from session to session, the video should be able to remain untouched for several academic seasons. 

The second reason this is important is if you have notes or use any type of visual instruction aide. These aides should be viewable easily for the students at home to truly gain the full experience of the class.

Remote Control Options

If you are recording your seminars or courses on your own, then having a remote control option for your video camera hire is important. You need to be able to stop, rewind, restart, and pause as needed without huge gaps that can be created from walking back and forth to the camera. These gaps cause large editing times and can put your course off track from the upload deadline you have. Though editing will still be necessary, you will not have the large gaps to worry about.

Camera Operator Options

When you first begin to look at the option of video camera hire for your online courses, consider the option of hiring a camera operator as well. This is ideal if you plan on recording your courses back to back and have that time specifically scheduled. Your camera operator can meet you at the desired location, operate the camera, and handle all the technical aspects of recording the class. 

Remember, if you have little to no experience with the use of video camera recording for your online courses, you may want to consider hiring operators and editors, such as those found at Audio Visual Events, in addition to the camera. Look for a video camera hire company that offers full-service options to help with the creation and upload of your course from start to finish.