Choosing noise cancelling headphones for your office

26 July 2016
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The popularity of open plan offices can make it hard for people who need to listen to audio visual programs or edit music to focus on their work, without distracting others in their office. Here are some tips to help you choose the right type of noise canceling headphones for your work needs. 

How regularly do you need the headphones?

If you only listen to audio feeds at work every once in a while, for example to complete compulsory training, it can be easier to pick up some cheap headphones to keep in your desk. These can often be picked up on special from music stores.  

If you regularly use headphones, for example if you are a sound editor, it can be more comfortable to use a more cushioned style of over ear headphones which place less pressure around the ears. 

What type of content are you listening to?

If you are simply listening to music or podcasts you can make do with a lower quality of headphone. If you need to focus on the relative levels of the sounds that you are hearing, for example if you are editing a movie scene to create a certain 'music to speech' balance, you will need a headphone that adequately shows the levels of the sound in the file you are listening . 

Do you only want to wear the headphones in the office?

If you are looking for headphones that you can wear for trips (such as on airplanes) you might want to consider which power source they use. Noise canceling headphones use active sound control, rather than passive soundproofing, and need a power source. If you need to use your headphones on the road it can worth comparing battery life between models, as well as potentially looking at models that can use rechargeable batteries so that you don't need to try and source/carry spare batteries on long trips. 

Equally, if you are a frequent flier it can be a good idea to avoid headphones that operate on Bluetooth technology as this is often restricted when the plane is in the air. 

If you would like some advice on which noise cancelling headphones might be useful for your work it can be a great idea to chat with an audio visual specialist and discuss your requirements. They can help you find a pair of headphones that are perfected suited to your needs and the environment.