How to Upgrade the AV Solution in a Place of Worship

12 December 2019
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These days, a church or other place of worship may have to stand its own ground when it comes to attracting members of the congregation. There are many other ways for people to spend their weekends, after all, and they may experience other distractions when it comes to community or entertainment. In this case, the church may need to upgrade its facility and introduce a more sophisticated audiovisual system so they can handle different types of events and communicate more effectively. What are the special challenges involved with an AV installation in this case?

Moving With the Times

Over the generations, church elders may not have paid too much attention to technology and have relied on their traditions to get them by. Certainly, they may have added a microphone and rudimentary speakers so that those sitting at the back of the congregation can hear the sermon, but this approach is old-fashioned and will need to be changed.

Unique Challenges

Nevertheless, they will want to ensure that any new system is subtle, properly engineered and well-positioned and takes into account the nature of the building. This will present the installer with some initial challenges, but they will also need to bear in mind the unique acoustic properties of a sprawling building such as this. Typically, of course, an old church will have very high ceilings and may not feature any internal treatments or acoustic panels to make sound distribution more effective.

Community Facility

Of course, some facilities will also double as a community hall, especially in the more rural locations. In this case, they may want to introduce a large video screen for presentations or LED lighting equipment for plays. This will help the elders transform the facility into a centre of entertainment and will likely encourage more people to attend as a consequence.

Assessing the Solutions

It can be difficult to know where to start, especially as there are so many different types of technology and special solutions that could benefit the facility. Often, the church will be constrained by budgetary issues as well and will need to ensure that they can maximise the value of any new installation.

Making a Start

If you want to upgrade your church and improve your position in the local community, talk with audiovisual installation technicians as soon as possible. They will work with you to achieve your goal and with the least amount of disruption possible.