3 Considerations of Using Video Camera Hire for Online Courses

2 October 2015
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As an online instructor, you likely have found that lecture notes are not enough. Having an online lecture series available may be more ideal and fitting for your students. The problem is, you may not want to purchase a camera specifically for the short amount of time it would take to record a lecture series. This leaves you with the option of using a video camera hire. Here are a few considerations to take into account if you choose to use this route for recording your class lecture series. Read More 

Things to Consider When Buying a Surround Sound System

27 February 2015
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These days, watching a movie at home can be the next best thing to a real cinema experience, if you have the right equipment. Not only will you need a DVD player and a nice, big television screen, you also need to have one of the best surround sound systems to really make it a theatre-like experience. Before you rush out any buy a great sound system, there are many things that you will need to consider to make sure that you are getting the right system for your needs, including: Read More 

4 Tips for Making Your Professional Seminar More Memorable

13 February 2015
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A professional seminar or conference can be very useful but can also be a bit bland and boring. Rarely do your coworkers or anyone else want to sit through long discourses about your sales figures or corporate goals for the new year, and it can be difficult to have participants even remember what was presented much less enjoy being there. If you want to make your professional seminars more effective and more memorable, consider a few simple tips. Read More